Credit Improvement Services

The credit bureaus are SUPPOSED to conduct a reasonable investigation when a consumer makes a credit dispute by actually contacting the information provider such as a credit card company, collection agency or mortgage company to verify information. The fact is…They don’t! All the credit bureaus do with disputes is submit the dispute through a computerized system known as eOscar. In most cases, the information provider is not even contacted about the dispute.  TransUnion and Experian also use eOscar for most of their credit disputes, written or otherwise.
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Is this legal?

Case law has found that this method of investigation is not sufficient… Choose to allow Anew Start Solutions to handle this dispute process for you, we use specialized forms that have proven to get a proper investigation.  You don’t have to deal with the hassles of deciding the best way to get the results desired in the dispute process. You will have a secured portal to monitor your results 24/7.

We know that trust is earned and we strive to achieve the best results for every client and offer personalized service in a local venue. We are located in Central Ohio and offer specialized individual attention that you deserve!