Credit Christy

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My clients and affiliates call me Credit Christy! I believe the service we offer is a necessity in the world today, I love helping our clients to understand, repair and build their credit. It’s not always what a company provides that makes them different, as it is “How and Why they provide it… This is what sets us apart from the rest!

As Licensed Credit Specialists, we know the laws in place to help the consumer with their credit challenges and have the experience to successfully correct their credit file in a minimal time frame. We are helping our clients to regain their freedom from the shackles of “BAD CREDIT” and overwhelming debt and collections. We also focus on credit re-education (explaining credit myths and facts). We help guide our clients on when/how to get new positive trade lines and how to maintain their new positive credit.

Let us take all the guess work out of repairing the inaccurate issues with your credit, building new positive credit and help you to understand credit and understand why… Your Credit Matters! It matters today and for the rest of your life!

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